For those that are still visiting

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Please update your links to my new blog - www.thecleaneatingmama.com
Leave a comment, say hi or ask a question! :)


I did it!

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I own my own blog!

I have decided to combine to two together - my passion and my life. I may post on this blog still but I am currently very active on my food blog. There will be posts about Baby J and new pictures, too.

Check it out! :)


I have been thinking...

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So here it is - my thought.
If you havn't visited my food blog, you should.
For those that don't know me well, which is most of you :), I have a a passion for nutrition and eating well. It's my life and it's what I live for. I want to live long and healthy for Jordan and I want to give a good example for him as well.
I have been spending all of my time there - uploading pictures, writing and creating. Unfortunately I have been neglecting this blog. I really want to have an area that I can share, create, live and be myself.

So I am thinking of combining the two together. BUT, I'm not 100% sure. HELP!


Again, really?

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Ok, so I really don't like my blog layout anymore. Time for yet another change! :sigh:
Also I have been working on a few other projects - look on the sidebar for my two new blogs!

Keep checking back as I am going to be working on a few new posts now that Baby J is almost 1!




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OK, so no words need to be spoken, just a lot to see :) His jersey came in the mail today, too!

Wish List Wednesday!

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I am in need of a black wool pea coat - I am sick of not having a nice jacket for evenings when Marc and I go out.

I know I just bought a new camera this year but I LOVE the Digital Rebel by Cannon!

And of course my Mini Cooper - I just LOVE these! And yes, I will own one of these someday :)

Happy 11 Months!

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OMG! We are on the home stretch to his first Birthday! (I'll be strong, I'll be strong!) I am planning on taking his 11 month picture today, too.
But I do have some CUTE pictures and an adorable video to post! I'll get to that in a second.
I am almost complete with Jordan's birthday items - yay! The invites will be send today, the decorations are on their way, cake ordered, food list done and all I have to do is wait one month.

Ok, so I am going to just go straight into the adorable pictures and video.

Baby J loves to throw the ball now!

Baby J loves shopping with me!

Oh, and I curled my hair the other day - I havn't done this in years! I usually take a flat iron to it and make it straight but I wanted something different. Cute, huh?

And I finished Baby J's picture for his room! I love how his room turned out! I always wanted to have his room green and brown and in a jungle theme. I wanted to paint the mural on the wall but the thought of painting over it someday saddened me. Now I can save it for when he gets older and if wants to have it he can. =)

Well I guess this all for now! See ya soon!


Just a quick video of Baby J rolling/throwing a ball!

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We are so proud of him!


Wish List Wednesday - Super Power Style!

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Jennifer always has the greatest blog starters - even for Hump Day!

My super power would be to be able to go back in time.
At first I thought I wanted to be able to read minds but I think I would go insane with this one... literally!
But I think I would really love to be able to travel back in time, change the things I needed to and relive the times I loved the most.
Maybe Doc could lend me his flux capacitor!



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So I am not done fixing my layout but I did however find my missing camera cord! I was going insane the past few days as I had a lot of pictures and a video to upload.
PS - I dont know if I am going to keep this layout. It's a little baby-ish and now that we are less than 5 weeks away from Baby J's Big Day, I can see myself not wanting this layout fro much longer. *sigh* I dont know why but I get bored easily and I like to change things around. However I am indecisive at the same time and am always looking for the "perfect" one. It's like I can never be happy.
Oh well.

So here is a video that I could not wait to upload! I thought he sounded hilarious!
Oh and when the camera starts shaking that's just me trying to make him laugh - it worked but try not to get motion sick! lol