And so there was two...

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My little cousin is expecting a little girl in a few months - the second baby for the family this year. I decided a while back that I wanted to make her Little One a quilt of pink and brown fabric.
This is the fabric that I picked out at Joann's. It is quite lovely if I might say so. Lucky for me I bought enough fabric to make two! And to help me break in my new sewing machine, I have a feeling I will be seeing a whole lot more of pink and brown...


30 facts about Baby J

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  1. He knows and responds to his name.
  2. He loves our dogs.
  3. I love his soy milk breath and cannot get enough of it!
  4. He LOVES to spit!
  5. When he gets excited he started breathing heavy and shakes his little arms and legs!
  6. He has got the most amazing blue eyes!
  7. He has his momma's ears and lips.
  8. He has his papa's build.
  9. He has been holding his bottle since 2 months. (off and on)
  10. He sleeps on his stomach.
  11. He loves to splash in the bath!
  12. My little piglet - enjoys eating solid food!
  13. Never cries for no reason.
  14. Will be spoiled, loved, cared for, protected to the EXTREME!
  15. Was born into a UW household
  16. His papa is already making wrestling plans... sorry Baby J!
  17. He will never know how lucky we are to have him in our lives!
  18. I am still pissed that he always kicked me in my ribs...
  19. With that being said... I cannot believe he was in me for 9 months!
  20. We still smile and laugh when he is sad or upset because he is still so damn cute!
  21. He loves to be naked!
  22. He is most happy when he wakes up from his nap and can see us smiling at him... :)
  23. He sticks everything in his mouth!
  24. He is very ticklish!
  25. He loves the camera just like his mom!
  26. He throws up... a lot.
  27. But I love it because it's him :)
  28. He has learned to roll!
  29. And sit up!
  30. Once he starts crawling we are in BIG trouble!


Before and during

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The first picture was taken in January and the second was taken today. I took the one in Janurary because I couldn't believe how pregnant I still looked! I have no clue how much I weighed but since I started getting back to the gym and eating a lot better I am down 7 pounds! My goal is to make it to my pre preg weight but I was still a bit heavy, in my opinion. I would like to lose a good 15 - 20 more pounds before summer.


I made a mistake

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While Marc was refereeing today, I had to make a stop to Joann's to purchase fabric for my little cousins soon to be baby girl. Baby J and I were having fun walking around, looking at all of the new projects calling my name when I headed for the scrap booking section.
Bad. Idea.
I used to scrap book quite a bit but put it away as it was consuming to much time and money. Well... I quickly realized that they have the CUTEST baby things! I bought one, ONLY ONE, lay out kit to do a few photos with.
Why do I get the feeling that this will start consuming my time again.... ?

scrap booking + desire + new camera = DISASTER

My fabric is washed and is drying. I am dying to start ironing and cutting but I may call it a night and snuggle in bed. I am doing a crazy square quilt in pink and brown. It will be adorable and she will absolutely love it! I also found some monkey fabric that I want to make Jordan another quilt out of.
One project at a time, Tasha.


Happy 5 months, my little Pumpkin Head!

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Happy St. Patty's Day!

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Tiny update

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Baby J turned 5 months!

I am getting an AWESOME workout at the gym... finally!

Hmm... I guess that sums it up :)


Toys for all!

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Well Marc and I must have gotten a wild hair up our ass because the past 3 days we have been on a little shopping spree - I love saving money but I love getting new things just as much! :)

Let's start with Baby J
He got a new Fisher Price Precious Animal Jumperoo! And since he is shaped like his papa his legs are too short to touch the ground still. So we have to put a pillow under him. He hasn't started jumping and really only likes to be in it 30 minutes or so, but I am sure it will grow on him and starts to love it when he can reach the floor.

Now on to me
We went to Costco and passed by the camera section. I love my camera but figured it was time to upgrade. I told Marc and the beginning of the year that I wanted to buy a new camera sometime this year - even suggested Mothers Day. After much begging and batting of eye's (ya right) he let me pick one out right then and there! Costco was down about 50 bucks compared to other stores so we knew we were getting a good deal.
I picked out the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC H10. It's not exactly what I was looking for but right now we simply cannot spend 500+ on a new camera. I have been playing around with it the past few days and I am loving it more and more! The zoom is amazing as well as the clarity. I need to sit down for a few hours going over all of the features and learning how to optimize my photo skills.

Now let's move onto us (Marc and I)
Can anyone remember what I have always wanted?
Think back...

A Dyson.
It's still in the box but I cannot wait until we assemble it today and start sucking away! We are a very clean and tidy household but with two dogs our carpet is a non-stop fur ball! Hopefully this will eliminate the dust and dander floating around. Blech!

Oh, and there is one more HUGE item.
A brand new mattress. I have no clue what it is called but Marc and I had the best nights sleep last night! A soft pillow top allows our bodies to melt into the bed giving us 100% pure comfort! It's rather high, though, which I am not used to yet. We put our old mattress in the guest room so guests can have a "real" bed to sleep on.

Well, that pretty much sums it up! We have had a lot of fun the past few days but we are done with our little shopping adventure... for now. :)


We have a roller!!

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Busy busy busy!

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Those are my three words of the day, which explains how the past few weeks have been.

I am feeling very lazy, so I am going to post a crap load of pictures... hope you dont mind :)

Here are some AMAZING pictures of Baby J! Look at him hold his bottle :)

Marc has been wanting to dye his hair platinum blond for a long time, and for his birthday I coaxed one of my good friends that foils my hair to do it for him on his Birthday. I didn't think I would like it but I really do!

Baby J's first attempt at rice cereal! He really enjoyed it but was way more interested in holding the spoon himself ;)

Palm Springs, California - We took a mini vacation to Palm Springs on the 15th. Well, it was more business than play but it was still nice to get away and be in 85 degree sun! Lucky for us we have to go back there on the 1st to finish up.

Hoodsport Winery and the Alderbrook Resort - Hoodsport WA
We won a wine tour at a silent auction last year to the Hoodsport Winery. Well, a few short weeks after we won it I found out we were expecting... go figure. So we had to postpone it until this year. Marc and I, my two aunt's and uncle's went on this little over night stay.
The winery was quaint and cozy but had some excellent wines! We tried 6, one being Pear which was my favorite! We ended up buying a case of their Cab, pear, raspberry and a pinot.

Both Marc and I have had a blast the past few weeks but we are very drained.

I am off to bed - I will be sure to post more now that my schedule is more open.
Good night!