Here we go again...

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I have the itch again.
No, I don't have some rare skin disease... the itch to start sewing again. It comes and goes as time passes. I was sewing a lot before Baby J was born and then I had no time or any desire to even look at my fabric stash. Well, my little cousin is expecting a girl in late spring and I have been searching the net for ideas. Duh - of course I have the itch! Every time I start looking at blogs, websites, craft sites, I get the desire and need to start up again. there are about 5 plastic totes in the garage, stuffed full of fabric that I have collected through the years.

I am wanting to try some new techniques, though. I love modern, non-traditional quilts. And I have finally gotten the courage to start free style quilting on my machine.

So, if my blog gets taken over by pieces of fabric... well... so be it :)


Week One:

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I survived. It wasn't fun, it wasn't easy but I made it.
Yes, I'm talking about my first week back to the office.

It's funny - I love writing, I love blogging but I have been in a slump lately. I have no creativity and have erased many posts because they don't sound or look good. Ugh. So I apologize for the lack of updates. Hopefully I can get back into my groove soon.

Until then - ciao!


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Public Service Announcement!

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We have a three month old!!

Mom, really... I just woke up and we HAVE to start taking pictures?

Ok fine. But only ONE smile!

Can I eat now?

Also, look at this comparison!


Do you really know?

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I am: an individual who thrives off of creativity and uniqueness.
I think: everything happens for a reason; whether we see it now or later in life.
I know: that my instinct is stronger than my thoughts.
I want: to be loved unconditionally.
I dislike: closed mindedness.
I miss: living in the woods, where the sky was so clear you could see ALL of the stars at night!
I fear: the unknown. I liked to be as prepared as possible.
I hear: Pearl Jam
I smell: like spit up... love ya Baby J!
I crave: the energy working out gives me.
I cry: a lot more now then I ever have! Damn pregnancy hormones...
I search: to find the answers to EVERYTHING!
I wonder: what my life will be like in 5 years.
I regret: nothing. I have learned from everything. No reason to be stuck on the past when the future is happening right now.
I love: merlot after a days work.
I care: what others think too much.
I always: over analyze
I worry: about the smallest of things.
I am not: a confrontational person.
I remember: the memories that made me hurt more than the memories that made me smile.
I believe: in karma.
I dance: ... I do?
I sing: in the car
I don't always: think positivly
I argue: only when I think I have a valid point.
I write: quite a bit, although I hate my handwriting.
I win: at Pictionary
I lose: nothing. However I seem to LOVE to misplace things!
I wish: for world peace.
I listen: more than I speak.
I don't understand: algebra
I can usually be found: at home, at the library or holding Baby J
I am scared: of being emotionally hurt
I forget: and forgive to easily, although I HATE holding grudges against anyone. Humans make mistakes, right?
I am happy: when others are happy around me.

This is me.


Jordan is on youtube!

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The first of many

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Well, the start of 2009 has brought Jordan his first cold. But since he is my little boy, he is taking it like a little champ! He is pretty stuffy but has no other symptoms, and still smiles and laughs at both of us. I took him to his pediatrician yesterday and everything sounded great. No fluid, just a basic cold. We have a humidifier in his room, thanks mom!, so he can breath easier at night, and his mattress is propped up at a bit of an angle so his little nose can drain better. It seems to be working great as his sleep patterns haven't changed too much. For some strange reason it is just taking him longer to put down but once he is out he will sleep for a good 6-7 hours.

OH! He weighs over 14 pounds now! No wonder my arm is getting sore! :)
I am very excited to start this again, too!