New milestones!

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"Dada dada dada dada dada!"

That is the sound of our house right now - Baby J says Dada ALL. OF. THE. TIME. Marc is in heaven right now... and actually I am, too! I can't believe he is jabbering and saying his first word!
And tonight he waved bye-bye for the first time! Of course to his Auntie Jayco :). Marc and I started squealing with delight as we cant imagine our son more than a few days old. Really, everyone says time flies... well they are spot on!
I will try to get these milestones on camera soon for everyone to see. He is just too darn cute!


13, 500 feet above the ground

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And I decided to jump out of an airplane! It was my Mothers day gift from Marc as I have always wanted to experience skydiving. My family thinks I am nuts but that's ok... maybe I am a bit. :)

It was the best sensation I have ever felt! I was not nervous at all, very calm the entire morning and relaxed. I think I was to excited to be nervous! My tandem instructor was great! Friendly, always joking and really put me at ease.
It was sunny and clear - great diving weather! I did get a little motion sick after I landed, no puking just really dizzy, but it went away after a few hours.
I will definitely be doing it again!


Thanks Baby J...

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For giving my sanity back!

His fourth tooth FINALLY popped through last night. Thank goodness! It took over 2 weeks and during that time he was very fussy, wouldn't sleep, fought and fought everything... I really did feel bad for him as I knew he was uncomfortable and in pain.
Today he was back to himself, happy as a clam! Now hopefully those little teeth can take a break from coming in... please?

So.... I think I have a crawler on my hands now

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Happy seven months, Baby J!

Well, Baby J is "almost" fully mobile now. He gets up on his knees and hands and rocks back and forth. He is soooo close to crawling! He does scoot backwards, though. It is the cutest thing!
We are getting closer and closer to move into our new home. I am sure he will be fully crawling by then so baby proofing here we come!

This past weekend Marc and I took a mini-mini vacation to Alderbrook again. We love this place more and more each time we go there. This was also Baby J's first ferry ride!

Some big news in the family as well - Baby J's first cousin was born this weekend.
Alexis Ray was born at 5 am on May 17th. She is adorable! We haven't had a chance to go see her in person yet as we are giving her and mom space and time to recover but they are both doing great!
These pictures were taken by my aunt: I just have to share!

It's sad that I find it hard to remember when Baby J was that small. Although he is still my tiny baby to me, compared to her he is giant! I am hoping to go visit them this week and get some pictures of the two babies together!


Silly little boy!

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Two new videos... because I just cant get enough of him lately! (Even though he has been a grumpy pants from teething :( )

So, Baby J loves Lilly... LOVES her!

I guess I make hi laugh :) hehe


New quilts!

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The quilting bug has hit me again!

I'm too tired to write anything else :)



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Even though Baby J LOVED his prunes today, I might be rethinking on giving him anymore.

I havn't changed this many diapers in one day. EVER.

Yay for plummy mess!

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Baby J has popped his third tooth through! In less than 2 weeks he went from a gummy, old man smile to a sophisticated, "I've got chompers" smile! I swear I blink and he has done something new!

We also tried plums today for lunch and he gobbled them up! I should have got a video of him because her was making these "Mmmm" sounds while he was eating. So. Cute.


First time on the water this year

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So Marc begged and pleaded and begged some more... and I said yes to this:

Well, to be fair he didn't HAVE to beg that much. More like...
"Babe, how about a wave runner?"
"What about it?"
"Would you like one?"
"Can we at least go look at them?"
"I guess... does this mean we each have own?"

Yup, that is pretty much how it went down! I got mine this past week and he gets his next week.
This was also Baby J's first time to the lake! It was a tad windy and not super warm but he seemed to enjoy himself with everyone and making designs in the sand.

Of course I took advantage of the scenery and made a little photo shoot. :)

I've also started to edit my photos for a different look and feel. I love my camera but after editing they look 100 times better! Here are two that I did that I absolutely love!

Here is the before picture: I took out Kurts scars/scabs and played with the color a bit.

I love doing this but it does take some time to accomplish. Here are a few dandelions that I played with too.