Doctor Doctor... give me some news!

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I had another weekly appointment this morning, another internal and my strep B test results back.
Here is a small wrap of what happened:
- lost 3 pounds ;), BP is great too
- negative on Strep B
- no dilation.. boooo
So much for the two dreams that Marc and I had last night. I dreamt that the doctor told me that I was 2 cm dilated and Marc had a dream that I was dilated as well. Oh well, I do have a few more weeks and Jordan better be ready to come out and start playing! And by my belly size, Jordan weighs aprox 8 pounds... this is somewhat scary to me. I was a little over 7 pounds as well as Marc: we are not very big people at all. With 2, give or take, weeks left I am just hoping that he stays at eight or is smaller than his prediction.

So while I have been sitting, anxiously waiting at home for his arrival I have been thinking and thinking; a lot about life: about my life, about Marc's life, about our life together, about Jordan's life and about our soon to be family life. With a little over two weeks to go, our household will be dramatically changed. Stay tuned for Friday's big news!!


Happy "Full-Term" to me!

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37 weeks!

I am officially full term!
So what does that mean?? Well... it means a few things actually.
ONE: I can have Jordan at anytime and he would be 100% perfect and healthy. *hint hint*
THREE: Only a few more weeks left of this pregnancy... can you believe it?!

I do like the look of my bare belly, though. I have had minimal problems with this area. No stretch marks, (the lines that you see are my veins being stretched out) belly button has not "fully" popped yet - a tad on top that you can see in the picture and it is as smooth as a... well, baby's butt!

Nursery is ALMOST completed. Damn Babies R Us has not gotten our dresser/changing table in yet and that is the last piece we are waiting on. I did paint his letters the other weekend and hung them up above his crib. I really like how they turned out!

And here is his finished blanket.

I guess there is ALWAYS more that could be done but I am not worrying about it.
Marc and I are picking up something very special and important today in a few hours... but you will just have to wait until next weekend to find out!


Are you ready for some football?

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I just scored these today!

Aren't they adorable!? They are from Land of the Nod. I also had a code for free shipping, so these little cuties were less than 4 bucks!
I am pretty happy with myself right now :)


Wednesday Randoms

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It is cloudy and a bit chilly here in the Seattle area - FINALLY! Call me weird but I love it when the cloud cover comes. Makes me want to stay inside, curl up with a book and a mug of tea and be totally self absorbed. Which is practically what I am doing right now that I am working from home, waiting for little J to arrive.

Here is something fun, well it is for me, that I have done in the past on other blogs of mine:

1. Four Jobs I have had in my life:
Apple Cider Presser
Yarn Department Manager
Bank Teller

2. Four films I can watch over and over again:
Grosse Point Blank
Office Space
The Terminal
Bang Bang, Your Dead

3. Four places I have lived
*All in Washington State*

4. Four TV shows I watch
Foot Ball
News, boring I know
Baby Story, although they make me cry
Anything on the Discovery channel/Learning channel

5. Four places I went on vacation
Seattle, before I moved here
Vancouver, BC
St. Louis

6. Four Internet sites I visit a lot
google - I google everything!

7. Four dishes I couldn't/wouldn't want to eat
testicles of animals
tongue, of any kind

8. Four dishes I love:
Sushi fo sho!
MY lasagna
steak, rare

9. Four places I would like to be right now:

I am really feeling domesticated lately, too. Obviously I have been doing a lot of crafting and sewing, but I have been wanting to get in the kitchen and start making yummy good things! I have an awesome chili recipe for my slow cooker that I have been craving and some Pumpkin Pie!
I have always had a taste for cinnamon and nutmeg and I love pumpkin pie!


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I don't know if I am going through a small state of "nesting" but I have been sewing my little heart out the past few days! Or maybe it is my bull headed mind thinking that I would love nothing more than to be a stay at home mom, making a living from my passion and unlimited ideas.
- Or maybe a little of both :) -

All of my new exciting items are on my Etsy site!

I love these little pillows! Since this matches Jordan's nursery I was contemplating whether or not I should keep it... we shall see.

This is a trial run for some gift package ideas that are running through my head.

And PS - Happy first day of Fall!


It's time

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It's time for apple cider, the crisp bite to the air, cinnamon, the vibrant color change to the leaves, pumpkins, Halloween, my Birthday and baby Jordan. Although autumn signifies the dyeing of plants and warm weather, I embrace ever aspect of this underrated season. Growing up in Leavenworth, WA I was lucky enough to experience a true autumn in all of its glorious offerings. Being that I am in the Seattle area now, it just isn't the same. Seattle has... rain. Even Marc, who has lived here for his entire life, commented that the autumn season is not really autumn. To run wild through the woods, kicking up the leaves and breathing in the fresh air... what an exhilarating feeling!

Yup... still pregnant

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I must apologize for the gap in post's: I just havn't had the energy to think about anything. Ugh
I have a lot of fun and exciting things to write about but when it comes to actually taking the time to type, I pull out my pregnancy card and resume my laziness. With less than a month to go I find it very difficult to be nice to anyone and my patience level isn't even on the radar any more. I have been working from home the past few weeks which has helped tremendously! I dont have to take a shower, put my makeup on, get dressed or deal with people face to face. The joy of technology!

So let's play some catch-up, shall we?
First off, last weekend I had a dear friend from California com up and stay with us for the weekend. We had sushi on the Seattle waterfront, woke up and baked scones and sipped coffee, did a little shopping and had a relaxing visit! She even introduced me to a new book series, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. So far I love it and am very grateful since I needed new reading material. It was gorgeous weather and over all a wonderful weekend!

I have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday and my first internal. I am a little aprehensive since I know I probably will have no dialation and if I do, I could stay like that for weeks. It's like a little taste of what to come.

Well that is pretty much it... exciting huh!


Hi! :)

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Sorry for the lack of updating - I have been exhausted and even typing even takes a toll.
I do have some great blog ideas in the works so keep checking back :)
Anyway, our baby shower was amazing! It couldn't have turned out better! A little over whelming at times, we had 50+ people, but it was great to see everyone. Everyone was so generous and kind. I kept asking myself through out the day: "Is this really MY baby shower?" It is still so surreal!

*I have been working on this post from 9:00 this morning and it is almost 7:30 at night... time to call it quits and start fresh tomorrow*


Reality check

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So, guess what?
I am having a baby. Yup, a REAL baby... not those fake kinds. The kind that cry, poop, eat, sleep, smile, giggle, grow up and call me mommy. Yup, one of THOSE kinds.

Lastnight, my mom and her BF, my dad, and Grandparents were all down helping set up for our baby shower today. I was doing fine until they starting putting the stroller, thanks mom!, and pack - n - play, thanks Grandparents!, together. I just stood, watched and was in awe. Yes, these are MY things, this is MY baby shower and this will be MY baby; a real one. Maybe it was because it was a little hectic last night, maybe it was becuase it is all happening in a blink of an eye or maybe it's becuase I havnt been able to get drunk in 8 months; whatever the case may be... this is it. 5 more weeks of this and a little boy will be entered into our lives. Having the baby doesnt scare me as much as seeing all the crap Jordan will need to survive.
Trust me, Marc was in the same position but he seemed to be gleaming with joy. He is one happy daddy!


Ohh and here is another belly shot

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33 weeks

Refreshed after long weekend

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I trust everyone had a splendid, long weekend? Marc and I decided that we should have three day weekends all of the time, just work four 10 hour shifts and call it good. *LeSigh* That will be the day...

Canada was beautiful and the concert kicked major ass! The venue was not the best and we will not be going there again to see a concert, but STP rocked out! I had never seen them live and the last time Marc was able to was back in 93' during their prime.
The concert ended at about 11:30 and we drove straight back to my mom's which is about a half an hour out of Bellingham, WA. We were exhausted.

So for the rest of the weekend we just relaxed and got some errands done. I finally went and bought fabric for Jordan's bedding and nursery. it took me forever as I was not pleased with the baby selection at Jo-Ann's. I did finally pick on a color scheme and it is coming out beautifully!
Here are the pillows that will go in his room on the bench below the window:

And here is the quilt top, unfinished:

I have enough of the circle fabric to do blinds and his crib skirting. Now I just have to bust my tush to get it done before the shower on Saturday.