Half Baby, Half Fish

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Grandma bought Baby J a pool yesterday so we ventured up to her house to surprise her and to pick it up. He LOVED to splash around, even though the water was pretty cold. No flinching at all. He was even taking the hose while it was filling and trying to bite the water coming out!

It has cooled down into the upper 80's, FINALLY! It feels so much better in the house and outside!


What's wrong with me?

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I have no idea why I have been lacking on updating.
Too busy? Too hot? Too lazy?
Hmm... I will take all three!

Too busy: We still haven't been in our home one month yet and we are still organizing, having company over and taking care of everyday things too. I had more time when I was working!

Too hot: Seattle has been hit with a long front of HOT weather. Yesterday Seattle reached an all time record high of 103, and even hotter in some parts!, and 90% of the homes, including ours, do not have air conditioning units. The hottest I saw the thermostat reach was 91; and it's located in the coolest spots of the home. I deal with it, try to drink water and stay in front of the fans. We take Jordan out to the sprinkler quite a bit and he loves it! Marc hates it.

Too lazy: Well if I am too busy then how can I be too lazy? It happens. It takes time to type, to upload pictures, yada yada yada. I just took Baby J's 9 month pictures at 9 and a half months!

Speaking of pictures, here is Jordan in his 9, err 9 and a half month, glory! (It is becoming very difficult having him stay put for more than 2.5 seconds!)

And yes, they LOVE each other!

I had some great shots but only his head was blurry due to him moving around. Silly boy!

Since it has been extremely hot I have been putting some of Jordan's teether's in the freezer again so he can suck on them to cool off. He loves them!

AND speaking of "love", Baby J has kicked Lilly out of her new bed and has starting paying rent.

Hopefully everyone is "trying" to stay cool today!


Baby J on the move!

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Some eye candy of Baby J!

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Happy Sunday everyone! OK, so can I brag a little here? I love Sunday's. ESPECIALLY cloudy, rainy ones. I can be lazy, relax, enjoy time with family and do pretty much whatever I please. However, I love them even more that I am a stay at home mom now... sorry, just had to say it.

OK, enough talking. I have so many cute pictures of Baby J and us that I will just throw them all at you.
We went to a friends wedding for the Fourth of July and relaxed when we returned home. I did manage to put Baby J in his little patriotic outfit and snap some pics.

Happy Fourth of July from the Kaye's!
Baby J can now shake his head!

AND he loves to stand and pull up on everything:

I still cannot believe how grown up he is becoming... where is my little baby!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend!


Oh, and to add to it all....

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Jordan has his fifth tooth coming in. FIVE TEETH! He is loving eating solid foods, too! He can scarf an entire banana down in no time and I keep experimenting with fruits and veggie combos. He loved steamed sweet potatoes so much that I have been giving him steamed pieces to eat - LOVES THEM! He is down to 3 bottles per day with 2 full meals and a possible snack during the day. He had melon for the first time yesterday and enjoyed it so much! Marc and I are very good eaters and have a taste for a lot of food and hopefully Baby J will be the same. Actually, we cant wait until Jordan tries his first piece of "kid friendly" sushi with us :)

PS - I cant seem to find my camera cord to upload new stuff. It has me worried :(


I'm Back!

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Phew! Boxes are un-packed (for the most part), pictures are hung and we are finally settled in our new home.
I have a lot of new pictures and video of Baby J - he is so HUGE and turning into a little man everyday! Crawling at super speed, climbing up on everything and becoming a little explorer, which is making me and Marc very busy chasing him around the house. He has also learned to climb the stairs today, too. (Yes, I am freaking out!)
So, before I went to bed tonight I wanted to just to say HI and update - more to come this weekend!
Good night!