I have been thinking...

Posted by Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama at 10:38 PM
So here it is - my thought.
If you havn't visited my food blog, you should.
For those that don't know me well, which is most of you :), I have a a passion for nutrition and eating well. It's my life and it's what I live for. I want to live long and healthy for Jordan and I want to give a good example for him as well.
I have been spending all of my time there - uploading pictures, writing and creating. Unfortunately I have been neglecting this blog. I really want to have an area that I can share, create, live and be myself.

So I am thinking of combining the two together. BUT, I'm not 100% sure. HELP!


Anonymous said...

Sure, combine them, why not?
Most blogs are on various topics. Should be interesting!