What a night

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We just got home from a 10 hour hospital trip for Jordan. :(
Yesterday he was spitting up all day, not sleeping and very fussy: ALL which is very uncharacteristic of him. As the evening progressed so did all of his symptoms. He acted like he was starving but as soon as I would go to feed him he would start crying uncontrollably. It was 1:00 AM and there was no sign of him going to sleep or letting up on his crying, so Marc made a call to the Childrens Hospital in Seattle. He relayed his symptoms, his behavior and wanted us down there immediately as it could be due to something irregular with his airway.
Our first hospital visit, damnit. I think this whole "parenting thing" finally set in for Marc as he had flashbacks of his mother driving him down to the emergency room for broken bones, stitches, fevers and so on. Now the table has turned and he was worried sick; as was I.
We checked in, the nurse looked over him, wrote down his symptoms and had the doctor come in. They thought his muscle leading from his stomach to his intestines was blocked and that was why he was throwing up and crying because he had no food in him. So we were off to take x-rays and an ultra sound. He also had to have blood drawn for lab work. Poor thing was poked and proded all night long! He finally went to sleep at about 4AM after he cried for 5 minutes while they took his blood. He slept for a good 3 hours.
Everything came back 100% perfect so they told us he has reflux. And at 10:30am we finally were able to go home. Jordan slept all day long, only waking up to feed. Marc and I were both exhausted and Jordan and I went to bed at 7:30 and didn't get out until 8. Happily, he has been all smiles today! His reflux medication seems to be working as he is holding more food down, too.
So our first emergency room visit... welcome to parenting!


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I am thankful for:
  • My life which is filled with love and joy
  • My loving husband, who has taught me so much and takes care of me like no one else can
  • Little Baby J, who makes me speechless every time I look at him
  • The roof over our heads and the food in our fridge
  • My ability to be my own person while molding to my responsibilities
  • Rainy days, cozy blankets and warm tea
  • Sunny days, airy sandals and cold beer
But what I am most thankful for every day that I am alive and breathing. I am a mother, a wife, a best friend, a provider, a supporter, a creator, a day dreamer, a lover, a fighter... and I seem to add to this list everyday. If you were to tell me that this is what I become 5 years back, I would have laughed in your face. Not that I didn't want this life for me, but I would have figured there was no way possible.
It hasn't been the easiest journey but there is no such thing. I am proud to be the person I am today and would not have changed a single thing!


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Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Sorry for the gap in post's... but I thought it was time to update.
Baby J is growing and growing! He has learned this new trick: it's called smiling! It melts our hearts when we are talking to him and he just gets this big shit-eatin-grin on his little face! I have yet to capture it on camera but soon!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this year! We are having a gathering at our home with my parents, Marc's grandparents and some friends. Of course I am in charge of the desserts and Marc is in charge of the dinner. We make a great team! :)


Happy One Month!

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Although it has been a long, stressful yet overly happy month, Marc and I cannot believe that Jordan has been here one month! Every time we look at him it seems like he has been with us forever. Each day is getting easier and better! I am getting out of the house more, getting more sleep and finally starting to adjust to the parenting ways; Marc and I are both adjusting which helps our relationship as well.
Happy 1 Month, Jordan!

And what happens when momma and baby sleep in on Sunday?

Your husband thinks it is a good idea to start decorating for the holidays!

We went and bought a reusable tree the other night and I guess he was a little impatient about setting it up so he went ahead and got out my decor bins and started! My mom came down yesterday for the day and I took advantage of her making googly faces at Jordan and went ahead and finished lighting and decorating the tree.
So as you can see we decorate in blue and white. Any idea why?
Marc is Jewish and I grew up with celebrating Christmas. So we combined the two and we have what is called a Hanukkah Bush. :)

Our kids are going to be so confused!


Me - the walking boob!

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Some of you may know that I was very scared and intimidated of breastfeeding. The thought of having a baby on me all of the time really made me nervous. Well I am happy to say that I have been breastfeeding this entire time and each and every day it is getting easier and better! Although, I am really a walking boob buffet for Jordan. I think Marc is a bit jealous! :) I have not once in my life popped my boobs out as much as I have in the past 3 weeks! And can I say Pamela Anderson?! I was a perfect padded A cup... now I have hit the DD mark! It's a love hate relationship, I would say.
But I must confess: there are up's and down's and I weigh out the options everyday. (Formula or boob)
Pro's and con's:
  • I love the fact that breastfeeding burns calories. Not a lot but while I sit and be at Jordan's beckon call, it is nice to know that I am burning calories without ever putting my gym shoes on.
  • It calms Jordan down - immediately!
  • It's free! Formula is just so expensive!
  • Yes, it is helping us bond together, although I wish I had some of my independence back :)
  • I am still figuring out how to breast feed in public and it makes it hard to go anywhere for long periods of time.
  • Also how to juggle guests in our home.
  • I have to use a nipple shield as my ta-ta's don't want to cooperate!
I don't know how long I will keep this up. I may have to set mini goals for myself to keep it up. I have made it 4 weeks, so now I am going for 6, then 8.
Boobs - I salute you!



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Some sleep!
From the very first night we had Jordan sleep in his room as the thought of him sharing our bed didn't seem very appealing. The first two weeks were fine as he was getting up every 2-3 hours to eat: very normal for newborns. Well this past week he had been sleeping for only an hour in between feedings. Add that to an hour of feeding, rocking and putting him down - yup, about 4 hours of sleep for me. I was spent! I would fall asleep in the rocker but since I was up right I would wake up with horrible head and neck aches! I was a mess, very weepy and blue.
I did some research on sleep patterns and read the benefits of co-sleeping. So last night Jordan and I tried it out in the spare room. And guess what!? IT WORKED! He slept 3 hours straight in between feedings! I am a new person this morning!


Happy *late* Halloween!

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