Here comes the rain again

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We woke up to grey, soggy weather here in Seattle. Am I the only one that loves it? Not only is it a nice needed break from the sun but it is very refreshing and soothing, especially on my never ending puffy ankles and legs. Puts me at ease and makes me glad it is Sunday. I have been sipping on coffee, decaf of course, all morning while Marc is off playing softball. The house is clean, all errands are ran so there is no pressure for me to do anything except relax, lounge and be content for once.


So we got a new look

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I was bored out of my head with the old look... this seems to be much more inviting to my fellow readers.

How is everyone doing? Me... I could be better. I need a vacation! Correction: Marc and I BOTH need a vacation! We have both been exhausted and a little burnt out from the daily grind.
Now that each week is going by faster and faster and I am getting bigger and bigger, I want nothing more than to just stay home and think about my new family. Concentration has been very lacking as of the past few weeks. I am getting frustrated at work, I don't want to talk on the phone, I don't want to reply to my emails, I just want everyone to leave me alone!
But I am loving the cooler weather now. The ankles are not as big but still a little swelling as well as in my hands. And I was doing so well! Grrrr...

I did have a nice surprise waiting for me on the doorstep: Jordan's bedding has finally arrived! It is even more adorable than the pictures! However, IKEA is still out of the crib that we wanted. They were supposed to get a huge shipment in the past week and they only received 10 and they have so many people wait listed that we are not even close to getting it in a timely fashion. So back to square one: crib shopping.


Happy 27 weeks!!

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Jordan ~ You weigh 2 pounds and are about 14-15 inches in length! Mom can feel your hiccups and instead of soft little taps when you are active, you are squirmy and rub, rub, rub on the inside of me! Pappa sure thinks it is funny when kick me... :)
Now that I am getting bigger, I am much slower then I ever have been in my entire life! I used to be one fast walker but even Marc has to wait for me at times! I just cannot wait until I can start going back to the gym and getting my endurance back up. I was the stair stepping queen and now one flight and I feel out of breath :(

No big weekend plans; we are however picking up the crib! I order the bedding a few days ago and it should arrive next week. His room is coming together, anxiously waiting for the big "welcome home" celebration! Invitations are also being sent so be on the look out for them!

I would love to write more but I am exhausted... I had to get up at 5:30 for a seminar and it's 4:30, still at work. Time for me to say TGIF!!


It is official - mark your calendars!

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It is baby shower time!

I know their are more lookers than I probably know about so I wanted to announce the dates I am planning on having my shower(s)!

Family Shower is being held on September 6th - time is still being determined

Friend Shower is being held on September 10th - time will be 12:30 - 1ish.

Both showers are being held at our new home!

Family shower is for both Marc and I and is unisex. We will have some games for the women folk and the men can mingle with each other in our family room or outside, or join in on the baby fun!

Friend shower is mainly for the girls and will be very low key and relaxed. No games are in the planning, just food, drinks and laughs. This will be a reunion for a lot of us so I am sure we will all be talking and having a good time! Come and go as you please and if you are travelling from a far, home is open to overnighters! There has been an increase in families lately so babies/kids are welcome if you are up to bringing them! We do have dogs but with our allergies, we have a hepafilter and vacuum/dust on a regular basis.

I am planning on sending out official invitations during the next week, so please please please send me your address! And don't be afraid of inviting yourself, I mean it!! EVERYONE is welcome to come as I would love to see so many of you! Please email me your address to littlebearwears@yahoo.com

I am also registered on target.com and toysrus.com - both of our names work for looking these up. I do add items daily but you are under no obligation to buy/bring anything. Just your happy face is all I need! :)


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Wait.. is she pregnant??

Yup!! 24 and half weeks!!

Happy July 1st!

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Can it be? July first?
Seattle has finally seen some summer weather! Although it has been somewhat of a shock going from low 70's to 90's in a matter of a day, and we are still moving our crap! We spent the entire weekend in the garage going through boxes and re packing everything into stackable totes with nice labels. It is much easier to get to everything and the best part: no more boxes to look at! All of our belongings are in weatherproof/bug proof plastic totes that wont break or fall apart after time. And they are much easier on the eyes than cardboard.

Our home is finally coming together; slowly but surely. Neither Marc nor I can stand to be dis organized for too long so we have been decorating as we go making our home HOME again. We do have to get some more pieces of furniture for our bedroom, the spare room and of course Jordan's room but no rush. We do already have the crib picked out for Jordan at IKEA and the bedding from Target.com.

Mom is coming down once we receive the bedding to help with the paint on the wall. I found all of my old books from when I was a kid and his room has built in shelves so I decorated a bit this weekend. I like seeing my old books and memories and glad it will be apart of my own kids.