It's official!

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My ankles have fully disappeared. No more definition in the back, no more little ankle bones popping out from the sides. Nada.
With moving I have been on me feet so much, probably more the past 4 days than in weeks! I have an office desk so luckily I do not have to stand at work as that would aggravate my poor ankles so much more.
Also sitting, bending over, squatting... all are getting harder as well! It is amazing what we take for granite when we are fully functional and not supporting a pregnant belly. BUT I must admit I am loving my maternity dresses! They make me feel pretty and girly and they are SO comfortable!


Exciting news for the Kaye family!

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One being that I am 23 weeks today! Holy canolly!

Marc finally got to feel his boy for the first time a few nights back.. it was sooo cute! And he is getting strong enough that we can see the punches and kicks through my clothes when I am sitting or laying still... the feeling of having something move inside of you all day long is so indescribable!

Some more big news: we finally are into a house! YAY! What a relief it will be on both Marc and I. Nice big yard for the pups and enough space and rooms for Marc and I to feel we are at home. We are not buying just yet as we are still deciding where we want to stay put for a while, but this will be prefect for the first year of Jordan's life. It's in a prefect little neighborhood on a private and quite culdesac; very safe feeling and homey. With 2100 SQ, 3 bed + den/loft off master, Marc can be watching TV in the game/family room and I can be quietly reading in the living room or upstairs in our room. Our condo was cute and worked well for both of us but with our expanding family, a house is a must!
We are moving this week and hope to be in there this weekend. Marc and I are excited to have get together's again and we are going to be hosting Christmas at our home this year!
I can start putting the baby room together with his decor, bedding and furniture. The room that we have decided on has built in shelves that will work prefect for books and nick knacks! You have no idea how excited we both are to be in a house again!

The Name Game

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Finding out we are having a boy took us by surprise and made us go back to the naming board. We had the sweetest girl name picked out: Chloe Marie. Marc and I fell in love with this name as soon as we started saying it and boy names have been giving us so many problems. For the record: I am not the picky one in this situation, nor am I the picky one in our relationship for that matter. :) I like all boy names, give or take a few, but he could have said any name and I would have loved it. But we may have found a name that we BOTH can agree on: Jordan Mitchell. Marc mentioned it one day and of course I liked it so most likely we will stick with it.


Some of my favorite things...

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One question that I get asked on a regular basis is "What have you been craving?" :)

Mmmmm... Ovaltine! Chocolate in general has been big on my list but I love Ovaltine in the morning and at night as dessert! Reminds me of when I was a kid, too.

Good ol 7-11 to the rescue! I have at least 3-4 a week... but our 7-11's have Crystal Light Sugar Free flavors which are dynamite and I don't get that high sugar dose either.

Other favorites: Kraft Mac n' Cheese with hot dogs, Caesar Salad, DQ's dipped cones, chocolate chip cookies... my menu is sooo much different from how I was eating before I got pregnant!

Bad news for my cravings though: BEER. An ice cold beer sounds good ALL of the time! I was driving to work the other morning at 8:30 and I passed a Coors Light truck... Oh my gawd! What I wouldn't have given to crack open one right then and there! I have tons a dreams about drinking too where I am totally drunk and then all of a sudden I realize I have a baby in me and I start to freak out! Luckily I have way more self control than that and I would NEVER harm my baby by drinking but it sure does sound good!


Go Team Blue!!

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The day finally came for us and we found out tht we are expecting a little Boy! The ultra sound took 2.5 hours though and my belly was sore from all the poking and proding and Itty Bitty didn'y like it at all either. It kept kicking and punching... I don't think I have felt it that much in one time frame!
Marc was a bit suprised about the news; he wanted a girl and not that he is dissapointed but he had to rethink all of his thoughts about the future. I knew it was going to be a boy. The night before the big ultra sound I had a dream that we found out it was going the be a boy. I went into the ultra sound with the mind set that it was going to be a boy. Either way I would have been happy! Now we don't have to worry about carrying on the families last name, as Marc is the last male in the family.
We have already been buying clothes and seeing what there is in the baby world. I gotta say: there is a lot to choose from!
I have an idea of the furniture and decor I want for the nursery. Frogs, fish or jungle theme. We have yet to find a house so I really do not want to start planning it out until we have a set room in our new place.
The family gathering went very well and it was great to see the family together again! Everyone was a bit suprised, especially my mom!, but we need more boys in the family.
Next TO DO: a name!