For those that are still visiting

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Please update your links to my new blog - www.thecleaneatingmama.com
Leave a comment, say hi or ask a question! :)


I did it!

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I own my own blog!

I have decided to combine to two together - my passion and my life. I may post on this blog still but I am currently very active on my food blog. There will be posts about Baby J and new pictures, too.

Check it out! :)


I have been thinking...

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So here it is - my thought.
If you havn't visited my food blog, you should.
For those that don't know me well, which is most of you :), I have a a passion for nutrition and eating well. It's my life and it's what I live for. I want to live long and healthy for Jordan and I want to give a good example for him as well.
I have been spending all of my time there - uploading pictures, writing and creating. Unfortunately I have been neglecting this blog. I really want to have an area that I can share, create, live and be myself.

So I am thinking of combining the two together. BUT, I'm not 100% sure. HELP!


Again, really?

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Ok, so I really don't like my blog layout anymore. Time for yet another change! :sigh:
Also I have been working on a few other projects - look on the sidebar for my two new blogs!

Keep checking back as I am going to be working on a few new posts now that Baby J is almost 1!




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OK, so no words need to be spoken, just a lot to see :) His jersey came in the mail today, too!

Wish List Wednesday!

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I am in need of a black wool pea coat - I am sick of not having a nice jacket for evenings when Marc and I go out.

I know I just bought a new camera this year but I LOVE the Digital Rebel by Cannon!

And of course my Mini Cooper - I just LOVE these! And yes, I will own one of these someday :)

Happy 11 Months!

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OMG! We are on the home stretch to his first Birthday! (I'll be strong, I'll be strong!) I am planning on taking his 11 month picture today, too.
But I do have some CUTE pictures and an adorable video to post! I'll get to that in a second.
I am almost complete with Jordan's birthday items - yay! The invites will be send today, the decorations are on their way, cake ordered, food list done and all I have to do is wait one month.

Ok, so I am going to just go straight into the adorable pictures and video.

Baby J loves to throw the ball now!

Baby J loves shopping with me!

Oh, and I curled my hair the other day - I havn't done this in years! I usually take a flat iron to it and make it straight but I wanted something different. Cute, huh?

And I finished Baby J's picture for his room! I love how his room turned out! I always wanted to have his room green and brown and in a jungle theme. I wanted to paint the mural on the wall but the thought of painting over it someday saddened me. Now I can save it for when he gets older and if wants to have it he can. =)

Well I guess this all for now! See ya soon!


Just a quick video of Baby J rolling/throwing a ball!

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We are so proud of him!


Wish List Wednesday - Super Power Style!

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Jennifer always has the greatest blog starters - even for Hump Day!

My super power would be to be able to go back in time.
At first I thought I wanted to be able to read minds but I think I would go insane with this one... literally!
But I think I would really love to be able to travel back in time, change the things I needed to and relive the times I loved the most.
Maybe Doc could lend me his flux capacitor!



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So I am not done fixing my layout but I did however find my missing camera cord! I was going insane the past few days as I had a lot of pictures and a video to upload.
PS - I dont know if I am going to keep this layout. It's a little baby-ish and now that we are less than 5 weeks away from Baby J's Big Day, I can see myself not wanting this layout fro much longer. *sigh* I dont know why but I get bored easily and I like to change things around. However I am indecisive at the same time and am always looking for the "perfect" one. It's like I can never be happy.
Oh well.

So here is a video that I could not wait to upload! I thought he sounded hilarious!
Oh and when the camera starts shaking that's just me trying to make him laugh - it worked but try not to get motion sick! lol


Yes, we are still here!

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I know, I know...
I will be back very soon! I have not been able to get online and do a lot but rest assured Little Itty Bitty will be back!

PS - Can you believe Baby J is 5 weeks away from turning one!?


Please bare with me

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I wanted to update my background and I had to start all over again... ugh! I am trying to upload all my side pictures and info again so it may be a few days before it starts to look and feel better! :)


Dear toothfairy,

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Baby J has popped his 6th tooth in last night! They seem to be getting easier and easier to handle (knock on wood)but the thing that I have noticed is that he get's fussy 1-2 weeks before it actually pops through. Maybe the moving down is more painful than the actually outing. Either way he is his happy self again! :)

Marc and I had a very eventful night last night! We attended the Layne Staley Tribute concert in Seattle at the Showbox. Marc had met his mom, Nancy, a few weeks back and is now in the process of getting involved with their fund and being a board member. Not only was it an amazing tribute concert for our good friend Layne, but all of the proceeds went to the fund to help heroine addicts. Ed Kowalczyk of Live headlined and was absolutely amazing. He sounds beautiful live and in person, and with his acoustic guitar he can can shatter walls and bring tears. There was a silent auction and one of the items was a guitar that was signed by Ed. $1200 later we are the proud owners of it. What we are going to do with is still the question. lol

We were honored that we were ale to meet Nancy and help her fund. Whether of not you are an Alice in Chains fan, heroine ruins lives and shatters families. Whether it's for this fund or another, please open your mind and heart and donate to something that means the most to you. You would not believe how much 5$ can make a difference.


Happy 10 Months!

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Baby J is in the double digits - bye bye single digits! While I am extremely excited, Marc and I are very sad that our little "baby" is now turning into a toddler.
I have a toddle - almost. Wait, did I just say that? YIKES!
We are busy planning our housewarming party on the 29th of August. Calling caterer's, booking chairs and tables and getting the house prepared. We have done quite a few projects and we are just needing to finish the final touches.
And in the middle of this I am starting to plan out Baby J's first Birthday Party. Jotting down themes, making a list of who is invited, looking at pastry shops and making a menu of food. I promised myself that his second birthday will not be as big but I feel a huge party celebrating his first is needed. :)
Other than that life has been great! We had a week of HOT weather but the past 2 weeks Seattle has been rainy and cooler. I am loving it! I know, I know... I am the minority but I feel much better when the weather is crappy out.
So let's see... Jordan is almost walking! He is learning to stand on his own without support and is gaining so much balance. He certainly has mastered crawling and is very quick! I am on the hunt all of the time! His vocabulary is increasing as he is saying more and more vowel sounds and letters combined. He has yet to say mama :( - I know he will eventually but I want to hear it! EVERYTHING is DADA. lol

So onto some pictures! I was smart and took his 10 month photos on the actual date this time. No more procrastinating - ya right. ;)

And these are because I think he is the cutest when he eats! ... even though he has learned that it's funny to spit his food all over... sigh

So I need your help - what are or did you do for your son's first birthday theme. I have narrowed it down to monkey's or football.