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I hope everyone's Easter went well and the Easter Bunny brought lot's of goodies! Marc and I had the best time at my Mom's. We ate and ate some more, opened up our baskets and had a fun little easter egg hunt. Oh, then we ate some more. =)
I made carrot cake and it turned out so good! The frosting was a little thin and wasn't as creamy as I would have liked but it sure did taste good!
All day we were all stating how fun it would be to have a little one in the family again to celebrate the joys of holidays. I cannot wait!
I am feeling better everyday. Morning sickness is residing and I feel my energy is coming back little by little.
And I have a pooch! My official baby pooch! A co-worker commented on it today, in a good mother-to-mother way. =) I am very proud of my round belly!
I finally went and bought some bigger pants. And I do need to by a bella-band since I can no longer button my pants. Marc is loving each and every minute of my growing belly. He is good about commenting how good I am looking for being pregnant and how he cannot tell that I have gained any weight... although I KNOW I have. =)
I also just received a promotion at work! More money and a new position, and what better timing! I am extremely happy and Marc is very proud of me as well. It is such a nice feeling to know that all of your hard work is for a reason.


3, can it be?

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Wow, I am into the third month already! Holy cow!
Marc and I were lying in bed last night talking about how fast this has going for us. We both thought it was going to take forever but it hasn’t one bit! With work, me always sleeping and average daily stuff I guess we do keep pretty distracted. Imagine if I was just laying in bed day in and day out… then it would drag on.
And I am happy to see the little baby is looking more like a baby now. --------> Rather than an alien-creature form. I have read Itty Bitty is the size of a large green olive. But my uterus is the size of a softball… lovely. And yes, my stomach is definitely showing the difference.
Happy Early Easter to everyone! Marc and I are going up to Mom’s for the day. I have taken on the task of making the carrot cake… cannot wait! This will be the first time I have made cake by scratch so hopefully it will not flop. Little cupcakes would be cute too though! With hand drawn carrots and bunnies on them… hmm, what to do.
Oh, and I need to start buying clothes. They are getting to tight for my liking and sitting all day does not make it any better. I am still undecided if I should go for maternity or just buy some things that are a size bigger. I know I will use them after the pregnancy, too. Old Navy, here I come!


Another week down... so many more to go!

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Two months already. Wow!
My apologies for being a rude guest and not giving anyone anything to read but I have an excuse: we both had the flu. Ughh... morning sickness ON TOP OF the flu. Or the other way around, you choose.
Sunday I laid on the couch all day, trying to keep popsicles down; it didn't work to well. Marc was sick as well although he was in better shape then I was. Probably due to Itty Bitty in me. Well at least I am starting to feel like myself now. I am tired as hell but surviving.

Itty Bitty is the size of a raspberry now, full with arms (2), hands (2) and fingers (10). Itty Bitty should be starting a good exercise routine and moving around... lord only knows the mother needs to start up again.
Oh, and I already have a bump. Not to be confused with a "baby bump" but rather a "I'M STARVING! FEED ME!" bump. Alas, the weight is coming. I guess it's unavoidable and probably something I shouldn't worry about but I do still. Marc calls me his little buddy now cause we can go eat where ever and I don't sit there sipping on water and eating a kids meal. Kids meal? Pa-lease... I will take the Super-Sized, El Grande, Macho Man, fill that plate FULL meal. And when people look at me, eyeing my little love handles that are creeping over my pants and through my shirt, I pat my belly and give them the "I'm Pregnant" look. Now who's the guilty one! he-he


Doctor Doctor!

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Our first appointment went very well! Dr. Rogers is a very warm doctor with a great sense of humor. We both liked him which is a plus! And he will be the one that will be delivering so I wont have to see an unfamiliar face staring in my uterus!
My blood pressure was great! My weight is great and his nurse reassured me to not worry about nutrition at this point as I need to eat whatever tastes good to me and what I can keep down. My prenatal vitamins are perfect for me and the baby and it looks as though I don't need to change a thing. =)
I did have to give up 3 viles of blood for the numerous tests that they do, resulting in me almost passing out a minute later. The worst part of the appointment but I drank some water and cooled down and felt better.
I can still continue my work out routine, although I havnt gone in a week, I can still eat cooked lunch meat and he told me to try to live a normal life as much as possible. I still am feeling queesy but eating helps me a lot. It's not helping my clothes but I guess that is what I am in for. haha
My vision of staying this small, trim, cute pregnant girl are quickly vanishing. Oh well.

Happy 7 weeks today! Itty Bitty is the size of a bluberry, and already I can tell that this little blueberry has some kick in it!


Happy Birthday Marc!

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Please help me wish the father to be a wonderful birthday!


It is going to be a relaxing evening as we celebrated it last night with a homemade lasagna meal and brownies for dessert. I knew I would be too tired to make it tonight after work. He is making ribs tonight instead.
Well, my weekend wasnt the greatest. I slept a lot, and was on the verge of puking all day and all night. The only thing that seems to help is to eat every few hours. I was trying to be good and keep my weight gain at a low but I have realized that I must eat to feel better. Oh well...
Our first checkup is tomorrow. I am very excited but a tad nervous as well. I hope everything is going well with my Itty Bitty and with me. 7 weeks already on Wednesday... it has gone by fast yet slow. haha I know it doesnt make sense but just go with it! =)
Happy Monday everyone and I will be sure to post tomorrow evening on the doctor report.