Friday's Fun Facts!!

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To celebrate my 49 day countdown I am going to share 49 fun, factual and fascinating facts about me - the baby's mama!

I love taking hot showers, by myself

I love the smell of patchouli oil

Despise taking baths

I have never broken a bone or have been stung by a bee

I wish I had bouncy, curly hair

I am an only child

I love to bake

and would love to have my own bakery!

I have horrible handwriting

I swear like a sailor - I try to stop but it just doesn't work

I am a huge gamer

I pop my gum when I chew it

If it wasn't for Marc being Jewish I would be athiest

If it wasn't for my parents and grandparents I would move to a new country every year.

I am a beer and wiskey girl

If it wasn't for spell check people would probably think I was in middle school

I believe reading makes me smarter

I have never been fired from a job

In fact, they always try to promote me to stay if I give notice

I seem to change my appearence every few years

I have an ear for indie, un-mainstream musical talent

I would rather go to a museum than to the mall

Crowds make me nervous

My favorite band is the Beatles

Marc calls me his little free spirit

I am the oldest Grandchild on my both my parents sides

Jordan will be the first Great Grandchild on both my parents sides

I am listening to Simon and Garfunkle right now

I don't have many friends for a reason - trust

I wish I could go back to high school as how I am today

I get car sick easily

I whiten my teeth

I don't see the need for pennies in our currency

I wish I could speak in British accent

I enjoy getting handwritten letters and prefer to send mail through the Postal Service

I just tried to cross my legs - failed

I have a very green thumb and think digging in dirt is a great way to spend a day

I would rather do dishes than fold laundry

I am ready to start going to the gym, eating healthy and start tanning again

I love sage green

One of my favorite drinks is club soda, straight up

I find myself wanting to make everything from scratch and proving that it can be done

I wish I had class like Jackie O

but I don't have the time

My middle name is Marie, my moms middle name is Marie also

I used to work at a credit union - hated it

I used to manage the yarn department at a craft store - loved it

Someday I know I will make my mark in this world


Just a little update...

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Nothing major to report: I had a doctor appointment this past Tuesday and both me and Jordan are still healthy. :) You have no idea how nice it is to have cool weather again! It really makes a difference.

Mah belly is getting bigger and is up to 33 centimeters! And I can officially say that I am done with this pregnancy thing... 50 days left, 7 weeks left. Anyway you would like to count it - I am done! Well, not literally of course.

I was laying in bed this morning as Marc got out of the shower and I asked him if he thinks these next few weeks will go by fast. He said for him they will but that's because he doesn't have to carry it around with him all day and night long. I think he is in shock now that I am down to a month and a half left... he is ready to meet his son but at the same time he is scared of the "unknown". Well let it be known that I am the same feelings.

Happy *early* Labor Day!

Marc and I are heading up to Vancouver BC for the Stone Temple Pilots concert! It's Marc's favorite band and I bought him tickets several months ago... I just cannot believe it is here already. We are going to drop the pups off at my mom's and head up there for a nice lunch and some sight seeing. This will be the first time I have ever been to Canada - hard to believe when we live so close.

The the following weekend is our baby shower! Marc and I are very excited about seeing everyone as I am sure they are just as excited to see me. Although I don't want it to be hot, I do hope it is not raining. We are planning on setting up tables and tents outside to accommodate the 50 some people we will have at our home. I just hope I am feeling ok that day!

AND I am officially done with sleep now. Nights of getting 7-8 hours of sleep have been over for a while now. Last night I woke up in almost unbearable pain in my lower back. I must have slept on my back for a long length of time as my tailbone was throbbing from the pressure. I am a stomach sleeper and cannot wait until I am able to once more - even if it is only for a few hours at a time!


No, I'm not an onion

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But I do have layers!

11 Layers of ME!

Spell your name with animals.
T - Tree Frog
A - Anaconda
S - Snow Leopard
H - Hummingbird
A - Antelope

Name: Tasha
Birthday: October 13th
Nickname: Little Bear
Current Location: Dining room table
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Right or Left: Righty

Shoes you wore today: Sandals, my poor feet are so swollen
Your perfect pizza: Combo, extra sauce

Best holiday: Halloween and my Birthday :)
Most missed memory: Leavenworth

Pepsi or Coke: Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: TOTALLY depends on my mood
Adidas or Nike: Adidas
Lipton Ice Tea or Hot Chocolate: Ice Tea please
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Curse?: When dont I
Do you sing?: not often
Want to go to college?: Already been but looking forward to going back
Get motion sickness: Oh gawd yes!
Think you're a health freak: Not while I have been pregnant, but yes I am
Play an instrument: I can whistle

In the past month. . .
Drank alcohol: Just a sip of wine :(
Gone to the mall: Nope
Eaten an entire pizza: only half... Marc ate the other
Been on stage: No
Gone skating: No
Made homemade cookies: Just this week!

Have you ever...
Been in big trouble with your parents: Not HUGE but yes
Lied about your age: I dont think so
Used a fake ID: Nope

Age you hope to be married: 25
Number of Children: one in the oven right now!

In a girl/guy..
Best eye color: Blue or Green
Best hair color : dark, not a blonde fan
Short hair or long: Short to medium

Number of people you could trust with your life: probably 3-4
Number of CD's you own: oh gosh, I have no idea
Number of tattoos: none
Number of piercings: just my ears


Happy Birthday, Derby!

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Derby is 4 months old today!

Marc and I are still in dis-belief that he is ONLY 4 months old. We got him when he was only 6 weeks old, just a tiny little thing! Now he is huge and is almost as big as Lilly. I bet in a few more months he will be the exact same size as her, and she is coming up on 3 years old already!

Derby at 6 weeks

Derby now

He is such a good dog, though. Lilly is a wonderful big sister and has taught him so well... we didn't have to do much with him at all! He is very loyal, loving and independent. Oh, and he is a mamma's boy! But I guess that was bound to happen as Lilly is a daddy's girl. From the very first day we got him I was always holding him, making sure he went outside and teaching him how to sit, shake and lay down. And we are both very excited to have our baby around our pups. They will both be in his life for many years to come; to watch over him, to help him when he falls, to offer sloppy licks with he cries or to clean up after a popsicle. :)

Other random things:

I have not been feeling well at all lately. We had a huge heat surge this past weekend that put me over the edge from bearable to miserable. My ankles are so swollen right now, even with me putting them up all of the time. i keep getting headaches and my nausea seems to come and go again. Luckily I can work from home which has been a lifesaver! I go in when I need to and stay home when I am feeling shitty. Thank goodness for wi-fi and cell phones!

We are very excited for football season again, if you didn't already know. We signed up for our fantasy football league a few weeks back. It is official! We named ourselves "Kayesters 5"... as of right now we are still only 4 but we have high hopes that the 5th will be helping us pick our players in no time!

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Only 2 more days left!!


YAY! Its Friday again!

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Friday! How I missed you!
Oh, but guess what I found out today... record highs in Seattle for this weekend.
Just. my. luck.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. no really, THANKS!
Oh well... I will survive. I'll be puffy, swollen and bitchy but I will survive.


We finally have the crib!

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Well, it is halfway done at least. We have no mattress or bedding yet but at least we are starting! :)
After looking and looking and going back and forth between colors, designs and prices... this is what we have decided on. Marc's grandparents told us from the very start that they wanted to buy the crib for us, which was very generous! We went to Babies R Us and picked it out on Sunday morning. I am so happy we went with a "honey" color rathe than white. It comes with a matching dresser/changing table combo which we will pick up in a few weeks. Finally, some progress!


Show and tell time!

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Marc and I went to Target tonight to finalize our registry and to take a look at all of the baby stuff... we are still overwhelmed with all of the choices and everything that they make for babies. Who knew they need 50 brands for 1 single item!

Of course we had to get two of the most important items that we could think of! :)

Since Jordan will be our little "football" baby and to help us pick our fantasy football picks every Sunday he has to be dressed appropriately!

I saw these little cute shades and knew Jordan would be stylin this coming spring and summer!

Yup, its Monday all over again

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Well, here it is again: Monday. Where do the weekends go? Marc and I were lounging on the couch last night and he looked at me and asked, "You know what I cannot wait for this week?". I looked at him fairly puzzled and asked "What?".
Why is it even though we are somewhat pleased with our jobs and do not dread going in everyday we still always seem to hate Sunday nights and especially Monday mornings. It reminds me of taking off a band aid - painful at first but everyone survives and really... was it that bad?

So we spent most of the weekend watching the Olympics. This is actually the first year that I found the Olympics enjoyable enough to designate a huge amount of time to. It was rather crappy out in the Seattle area and it was nice just sitting on the couch with out a care or a big to-do list. Marc is eager to watch the Wrestling part of the Olympics but I don't know when that will be broadcasted for the US to watch.
China is a beautiful country! A place where I could see myself going to and learning about for a few weeks.

So the weekend wasn't a total waste of time: our crib has finally been purchased! Marc's grandparents went to Babies R Us with us on Sunday and purchased the crib we had picked out. This is what they wanted to buy for the baby and of course we happily accepted. :) I also picked out the matching dresser/changing table combo. I am not to fond of using a separate changing table as they seem rather unstable. Also, seeing the open shelves packed with creams, lotions, wipes and so on would drive me up a wall! I know "me" too well and eventually it would get to be so cluttered and messy... yuck. I am having a hard time finding these items on the Babies R Us website so I will post pics when they are in the room waiting the arrival of Jordan.
Marc and I are getting more and more excited now that I am under 10 weeks! My body has also started to prep itself as I am getting the wonderful Braxton and Hicks cramps. Perfectly normal as it is what I like to call "practicing for the big push".


Happy 30!!

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All grins!

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So my wonderful nurse called me today - I have passed my glucose test! I am so stoked you have no idea! I found that 70% of people that take the glucose test fail but pass the 3 hour test. My iron levels are back to where they need to be and both me and Jordan are very healthy! What a relief...
Marc is in Yakima today and tomorrow attending a National Wrestling Referee conference and he was anxiously waiting from me to tell him what my results were. He was one happy daddy when I talked to him a few minutes ago! :)
So with that being said, I will be on my own tonight and tomorrow. I need to go down to BabiesRUs and Target and add more items to my registries that are "in-store". I have been putting it off for way to long. Today has finally cooled down a bit and I am hoping tomorrow will be the same way. Happy Friday!!


The heat is back again

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Back to my bitchy, uncomfortable, puffy pregnant self once more. And Seattle was doing sooo well! Grrr...
One more month and the weather will turn to shit again, cannot wait!
The countdown continues to Jordan's arrival! And believe me, I am reminded every time I try to do something halfway normal; like sitting!
We went to our monthly OB visit on Tuesday. I had to get my Rogan shot, thanks O- blood type!, and had to draw blood for my glucose test. I have been anxiously waiting my results which should be coming tomorrow. If I don't pass I will have to go back for another long 3 hour test. More poking and prodding with needles. This pregnancy has made me quite strong as I have always hated anything associated with needles! This has to do with my hospital experience when I was 8 for four days. Being so small and young and being stuck in the hospital is not my fondest childhood memory and one that I will never forget. But again, I am pretty darn proud of myself that I haven't freaked out by the sight of those bastard needles.


Back to square one

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I am finally in my last week before hitting the big three-o - 30. And it feels like I still have so much to do! Maybe it is my instinct to always be prepared and ready or it's my little brain worried and over thinking. I am not stressed but I know if I keep procrastinating I will become more and more stressed.
We are back to square one with Jordan's nursery. We received the bedding last week but the more I was looking at it the more I felt I wasted too much money on it! Granted it is sooo adorable and everything matched but the biggest and most expensive item in the set were the bumpers. Well, Marc and I are not using bumpers. Yes they are cute and do serve a purpose but we think the risks outweigh the benefits entirely. Here is one story So without the bumpers, I am left with a diaper holder (I am using the dresser top as Jordan's changing table and am using the top drawer for his diapers), a fitted sheet (ANY sheet will work for me and I have a feeling they will be getting changed often), the valance was too small so I would have purchased another one, the blanket itself was adorable but it felt like it was made out of cheap, low tread count fabric - and being the quilter I am I was looking at it thinking "This would take me less than a day to make and it would be SOOO much better!" and lastly the skirting - again, the crafty side of me was thinking how easy it would be to recreate it.
So here I sit, waiting to go to the fabric store to pick out my own fabric and replicate the collection for less than half the price and full of love from Mama to Jordan :)

The next few weekends are going to be very busy for Marc and I. August 29th - 31st we are heading up North to Canada to go to the Stone Temple Pilots concert in Vancouver, BC. This will be the first time I have been to Canada and looking forward to a little getaway. Hopefully I will be feeling ok as I will be 33 weeks then.
The weekend after is our big family Baby Shower! I am really excited to see everyone!
THEN the following weekend we have our friends Baby Shower.
From then on out Marc and I will be busy finalizing everything and prepping for the day Jordan makes his way into our life permanently. :)
Hopefully we can take some kind of mini, mini vacation before then... I have a feeling Marc and I will be needing it!