Oh, and to add to it all....

Posted by Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama at 7:50 AM
Jordan has his fifth tooth coming in. FIVE TEETH! He is loving eating solid foods, too! He can scarf an entire banana down in no time and I keep experimenting with fruits and veggie combos. He loved steamed sweet potatoes so much that I have been giving him steamed pieces to eat - LOVES THEM! He is down to 3 bottles per day with 2 full meals and a possible snack during the day. He had melon for the first time yesterday and enjoyed it so much! Marc and I are very good eaters and have a taste for a lot of food and hopefully Baby J will be the same. Actually, we cant wait until Jordan tries his first piece of "kid friendly" sushi with us :)

PS - I cant seem to find my camera cord to upload new stuff. It has me worried :(