The first of many

Posted by Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama at 9:32 AM

Well, the start of 2009 has brought Jordan his first cold. But since he is my little boy, he is taking it like a little champ! He is pretty stuffy but has no other symptoms, and still smiles and laughs at both of us. I took him to his pediatrician yesterday and everything sounded great. No fluid, just a basic cold. We have a humidifier in his room, thanks mom!, so he can breath easier at night, and his mattress is propped up at a bit of an angle so his little nose can drain better. It seems to be working great as his sleep patterns haven't changed too much. For some strange reason it is just taking him longer to put down but once he is out he will sleep for a good 6-7 hours.

OH! He weighs over 14 pounds now! No wonder my arm is getting sore! :)
I am very excited to start this again, too!