Friday's Fun Facts!!

Posted by Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama at 12:44 PM
To celebrate my 49 day countdown I am going to share 49 fun, factual and fascinating facts about me - the baby's mama!

I love taking hot showers, by myself

I love the smell of patchouli oil

Despise taking baths

I have never broken a bone or have been stung by a bee

I wish I had bouncy, curly hair

I am an only child

I love to bake

and would love to have my own bakery!

I have horrible handwriting

I swear like a sailor - I try to stop but it just doesn't work

I am a huge gamer

I pop my gum when I chew it

If it wasn't for Marc being Jewish I would be athiest

If it wasn't for my parents and grandparents I would move to a new country every year.

I am a beer and wiskey girl

If it wasn't for spell check people would probably think I was in middle school

I believe reading makes me smarter

I have never been fired from a job

In fact, they always try to promote me to stay if I give notice

I seem to change my appearence every few years

I have an ear for indie, un-mainstream musical talent

I would rather go to a museum than to the mall

Crowds make me nervous

My favorite band is the Beatles

Marc calls me his little free spirit

I am the oldest Grandchild on my both my parents sides

Jordan will be the first Great Grandchild on both my parents sides

I am listening to Simon and Garfunkle right now

I don't have many friends for a reason - trust

I wish I could go back to high school as how I am today

I get car sick easily

I whiten my teeth

I don't see the need for pennies in our currency

I wish I could speak in British accent

I enjoy getting handwritten letters and prefer to send mail through the Postal Service

I just tried to cross my legs - failed

I have a very green thumb and think digging in dirt is a great way to spend a day

I would rather do dishes than fold laundry

I am ready to start going to the gym, eating healthy and start tanning again

I love sage green

One of my favorite drinks is club soda, straight up

I find myself wanting to make everything from scratch and proving that it can be done

I wish I had class like Jackie O

but I don't have the time

My middle name is Marie, my moms middle name is Marie also

I used to work at a credit union - hated it

I used to manage the yarn department at a craft store - loved it

Someday I know I will make my mark in this world


sophie n on August 29, 2008 at 10:25 PM said...

hi gorgeous...

i once saw ronald mcdonald in real life...

it has scarred me...